Thursday, September 27, 2012

News: Fitnastica Lite - Free version for your Android Smartphone released

For more info visit Fitnastica blog

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

News: Crosses Blitz New Record (video)

Breaking my record on Crosses Blitz game for Android.

5,549 points in 1 (one) minute on my HTC Desire HD.

News: Crosses Game is FREE!!!

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Prepare for soon coming Crosses Tournament!

Available on Android Market, AndAppStore, SlideMe and AndroidPic

Monday, April 11, 2011

News: Crosses Blitz is released

Android Crosses Blitz

Play Crosses with time limits of 1,2,5 and 10 minutes. Scores are saved in separate high-score tables.

Objective of game is to move color pearls from cell to cell to form crosses (orthogonal or diagonal). When cross contains at least 5 pearls of the same color they are removed from the board and you are getting points added to your current score. Scores depend on amount of removed pearls and speed of your play. In each step when you cannot build a cross, 3 new pearls are dropped onto the board.

On screen:
* Game Name
* All Time Best Score
* Player Name
* Current Score
* Number of Colors
* Next Coming Pearls
* Board Free Space
* Game Board

In Menu:

* Restart - brings up time-limit selection dialog and then restarts the game.
* Hall Of Fame - shows high-scores of current game type
* Info - shows this info
* Quit - quits the game

Copyright Tofig Kareemov, Androphic (C), 2011.

Screen shots:


Currently available on

  • Android Market
  • AndAppStore
  • AndroidPit


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nightclock Love is Free now!

Our Nightclock Love android application is free now on following markets:

Android Market